Measurement Guide

How To Provide Correct Dimensions

Please follow our guide below to ensure you provide us with accurate dimensions.

Please also state whether the track will be wall or ceiling fixed and whether curtains are required as a pair or a single, when requesting a quote.

Track/Curtains Fitted Within Window Recess

Where curtains have to be fitted within the window recess we only require the width and height of the recess:

Recess Curtain Dimensions

Track/Curtains Fitted To Wall Above Window

Where curtains overlap the window recess then allowances must be made for stacking space to either side at A. We suggest A should equal 15-20% of the curtain width.

Overlap Curtain Dimensions

We usually supply a Silent Gliss 1280 Track which will be overlapped by the curtain. We therefore recommend that the allowance at B should be a minimum of 10cms.

The sill overhang at C is a matter of personal preference and may be dictated by other constraining factors, such as radiator positions. For acoustic purposes we recommend 20cms as a minimum. If the curtain is dropping to floor level then this does not apply.

Allowance Curtain Dimensions